Future Food Today at SPACE10 Gallery

May - June 2019
10 am
5 pm
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SPACE10 is pleased to invite you to Future Food Today: an exhibition unveiling our explorations into food and a celebration of our first cookbook.

Future Food Today at SPACE10 Gallery

About the exhibition

Over the past three years, we at SPACE10 have strengthened our exploration into sustainable, delicious and healthy alternatives to how we eat today. That includes everything from building an algae dome to imagining tomorrow’s meatball to cooking up a juicy bug burger—and those are just a few examples. With the Future Food Today exhibition, you can see an overview of some of the food highlights we’re most proud of—all while whetting your appetite for our first-ever cookbook. You’ll also be able to check out a few exhibition pieces from our collaborators who share our mindset when it comes to food.

As an extra tasty bonus, you’ll also be able to sample a few goodies from our newly opened Test Kitchen. We partnered up with our good friends from Depanneur to create a culinary space exploring imaginative and sustainable ways for growing, making and experiencing food and beverages in the city. On an everyday basis, the Test Kitchen will eventually offer a very simple day-to-day menu.

About the ‘Future Food Today’ cookbook

Future Food Today is a collection of delicious, sustainable and future-proof recipes that help us eat better, both for ourselves and the planet. It’s SPACE10’s first cookbook, with recipes we’ve improved in our test kitchen to make sure that each dish expresses our core beliefs about food.

Some of the recipes call for ingredients you may not have seen before, others are good old kitchen classics. Alongside the recipes, Future Food Today includes guides to producing and sourcing food locally and sustainably with the help of alternative ingredients and technology.

Ultimately, we created Future Food Today to inspire ourselves and others to get curious in the kitchen, and to motivate us to take action through our food choices. At once aspirational and practical, Future Food Today gives its readers the tools they need to experiment with sustainable, healthy and delicious recipes in their own kitchens.

Reserve your copy here, or pop by SPACE10 to buy one at the Gallery.

Exhibition hours

  • Monday to Friday, 10-17
  • Saturday, 10-17

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