A road movie style documentary that dives into the complex topic of basic income. If robots and AI will steal our jobs, how will we earn money in the future?

Join us for the screening of 'Free Lunch Society' directed by Christian Tod. The debate over what technology does to work, jobs, and wages is as old as the industrial era itself. Some fear that robots and AI will steal our jobs and when that happens – how will we earn money? The solution could be an unconditional basic income for everyone, which has been considered a pipe dream for years but today this idea is catching on. 'Free Lunch Society' is a road movie style documentary that deep dives into this complex subject. 

At the screening you can meet the director and we will host a debate between Uffe Elbæk (Political leader of Alternativet), Steen Jakobsen (Chief Economist at Saxo Bank) and Dorte Kolling (BIEN).

About the CPH:DOX + SPACE10 collaboration

Together with CPH:DOX we have curated a programme of stories that addresses some of the radical shifts and challenges that we face as a human race. From rapid urbanisation to climate change, from a future with artificial intelligence to the inequality of today, from increasing food shortages to how work life will look like in the future.

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