A hypnotic and beautiful documentary that serves as an important document of the working conditions we allow.

Join us for the screening of 'Machines' directed by Rahul Jain, one of the most hypnotic and beautiful documentary films at this year's CPH:DOX. For 75 min you work and live as an immigrant worker in a giant textile factory in India. The film is slow, mesmerising and absolutely brilliant, and serves as an important document of the working conditions we allow.

During the evening Guillaume Charny-Brunet, Director of Innovation and Strategy at SPACE10, will give a talk on the sustainable production methods of the future.

Guillaume Charny-Brunet is a founding member of SPACE10, and Director of Innovation and Strategy. He is a French national, who calls himself a “lawyer in recovery”. Guillaume spent the last 10 years helping large organizations think and act like startups. From Paris, to New York, San Francisco and Copenhagen, he has worked at the convergence of strategy, sustainability, business and technology to bring radical ideas to life. Today, together with the rest of SPACE10, he’s on a mission to explore and design for better ways of living.

About the CPH:DOX + SPACE10 collaboration

Together with CPH:DOX we have curated a programme of stories that addresses some of the radical shifts and challenges that we face as a human race. From rapid urbanisation to climate change, from a future with artificial intelligence to the inequality of today, from increasing food shortages to how work life will look like in the future.

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