Exploring how climate change is the underlying trigger of wars and conflicts in today’s world.

Join us for the screening of 'The Age Of Consequences' directed by Jared P. Scott. With magnificent cinematic pictures and a dramatic Hollywood soundscape, we move beyond the headlines of the war in Syria, the Arab Spring, and the current refugee crisis – and see how climate change is the underlying trigger of wars and conflicts in today’s world. This film has the potential to change the conversation on climate change and how we understand its consequences.

Sean Devlin is a Filipino-Canadian multimedia artist, comedian, activist and action co-ordinator with the Yes Lab. Sean’s activist work is rooted in principles of climate justice and ancient practices of creative disruption. For four years he organized the artist collective known as ShitHarperDid.com. The group’s work initially went viral during the 2011 Canadian election. As an action co-ordinator and thought stylist for Yes Lab he has played a critical role in numerous Yes Lab actions such as the viral Shell Arctic hoax, Occupy Wall Street creative confrontations and infiltration of the TPP trade negotiations. As a workshop facilitator he has delivered Yes Lab trainings across Canada and in the United States, the Netherlands, Germany, England, Poland, Switzerland, Lithuania, Turkey and Brazil. 

About the CPH:DOX + SPACE10 collaboration

Together with CPH:DOX we have curated a programme of stories that addresses some of the radical shifts and challenges that we face as a human race. From rapid urbanisation to climate change, from a future with artificial intelligence to the inequality of today, from increasing food shortages to how work life will look like in the future.

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