Deep Learning is one the most hyped technologies at the moment. From self-driving cars to speech recognition to autonomous robots, the applications are seemingly endless.

At this meetup, you will meet some the most interesting Deep Learning startups in Copenhagen, including:

– AI-powered decision support platform for emergency medical agents. Corti helps medical personnel diagnose faster and with higher precision through state of the art machine learning.

VEO – Intelligent Video Production for Sport. Veo's AI-powered camera can automatically record, edit and stream any football match.

Sensomind – AI manufacturing facilities.

and many more…

Learn how to detect a voice in a conversation, how to separate products on a manufacturing line, and how to recognise football players in video recordings.

The CTOs of these companies will explain how they’re using deep-learning technology, the challenges they face, and how they’ are implementing AI in their products.

See cutting-edge technologies within neural networks and language processing. Get inspired, learn some tips and tricks, and discover what deep-learning technologies can do for startups.

Flæsketorvet 10
1711 Copenhagen V