What happens when designers put their energy into improving food? What doors can we unlock?

The food system is complex in how the issues are interlinked. Its challenges are confusing and overwhelming for the public to fully grasp. Together, Bits x Bites and SPACE10 strive to explore the opportunities for good design to make our food supply more sustainable and reshape consumers' relationship with food in an evening of talks and debates.

The panel discussion will feature Remy Jauffret (IDEO), Francesca Valsecchi (Tongji university), Kaave Pour (SPACE10), Stefannia Russo (SPACE10) and Simone Rebaudengo (Bits X Bites).


About the speakers

Remy Jauffret is communication design lead at IDEO, he has played a big part in the team that launched China’s first farm-to-table restaurant chain, Hunter Gatherer. He focuses on how storytelling provides a powerful weapon to deliver positive impact.

Francesca Valsecchi is a professor and researcher at Tongji University’s College of Design and Innovation. She brings a wealth of experience designing food exploration projects in China, including Design Harvests, a social-based intervention of sustainable agriculture on Chongming Island.


About Bits x Bites

Bits x Bites is China’s first food-centric accelerator and venture capital fund that invests in startups to shape the future of good food. It invests across the full supply chain, from agriculture and production to distribution and retail to learning and sharing. Over 120 days, Bits x Bites offers community, coaching, and capital to help startups build a sustainable purpose-and-profit business to tackle global food system challenges. Startups learn the essential skills to achieve product-market fit, refine business ideas, and bring world-class execution. Application for its second cohort opens May 1, 2017. 

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