IAM Weekend is a unique event that discovers, inspires and connects diverse perspectives about the futures of media, education and the arts, celebrating the randomness of internet culture every year in Barcelona.

Join the Do You Speak Human team and Relax, we are the good guys for the 2017 edition of IAM weekend, as we explore how conversational technology and AI can foster meaningful interactions with people in the future.

We'll do a series of talks around the subject, and host a workshop where you'll learn the tools for turning your ideal AI into reality.

More details to be announced soon.

About IAM Weekend 17

After an expected revival of the term utopia, thanks to the 500th anniversary of Thomas More’s book of the same name being celebrated this year with exhibitions, discussions and events around the globe, utopias emerge as a useful and provocative tool to invent better futures in the internet age. What if we use utopias as a verb?

For IAM Weekend 17 we will go deeper into the meaning of utopias, with imagination and skepticism, understanding how they can evolve beyond contemporary dreams and help us navigate the uncertainty of our times.

We will do it by sharing stories, thoughts and questions about how the futures of media, education and the arts can blend to radically improve how we live, learn, communicate, work and play.

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