Exploring the creative possibilities in data visualisations and how they change our perception of daily life.


Every day huge masses of data is collected by people and organisations from every corner of society to answer relevant questions and make predictions about future probabilities and trends. As consumers we’re swimming in data visualizations; they’re everywhere ranging from labels on food packaging design to charts on the daily routines of famous creatives and on a bigger scale WikiGalaxy that visualizes Wikipedia as a starry galaxy of articles.

For innovative graphic designers, the sheer amount of accessible data, visualization tools and potential stories offer unlimited visual possibilities for them to turn complex data sets into beautiful, simple diagrams that tease out unseen patterns and connections. Visualizations that allow us to see the concepts that we’re learning about in a more interesting and often useful manner and feed us with unexpected insights that may change the way we see all kinds of elements of the world.

Get up close with and explore a selection of innovative creations that stands out from the flourishing mass of data visualisations in our exhibition EVERYDA(Y)TA opening February 1st at SPACE10. From screen-based and interactive to analog and three-dimensional works, the exhibition is eye-opening experience and look into the creative possibilities of data visualization and how designers use data to depict today’s society.

For the opening evening we’ve invited Gert Franke - Co-Founder of Clever°Franke a data visualization agency and Dennis Elbers - a freelance curator and lecturer to do SPACE talks on on the art of data visualizations and turning data into experiences. Check out the details here  

Works on show by:

Reineke Otten - Richard, Vijgen - Minivegas - Koeman, Kalnikaite, Rogers - Goddemeyer, Stefaner, Baur, Manovich - Clever°Franke - Caroline Oh & Young Sang Cho - Nicholas Felton - Vincent Meertens - Onformative - Koert Van Mensvoort - James Bridle & Nat Bukley - Senseable City Lab - Hanna Kang-Brown - Sosolimited - The Office For Creative Research.


An exhibition by: Graphic Design Festival Breda
Concept: Dennis Elbers
Guest-curator: Thomas Clever
Exhibition and graphic design: La Bolleur

Flæsketorvet 10
1711 Copenhagen V