What does truly digital infrastructure look like? How will open data and a digital commons change the role of the nation state? How do we build the regulatory and organisational framework to make sure it remains ‘open’ and democratic? How will it morph the physical nature of cities and our cultural and social relationship with them?

‘Data will be the roads and the railways of the 21st century’ - Tom Loosemore 


It’s clear that today’s nation state is failing to grasp the nature of change necessary to build the infrastructure and institutions that are truly born of the digital age. Policy and investment has poured into the ‘Smart City’ movement, but the trend has struggled to become reality due to the lack of a coherent and connected digital commons. However the potential of information to reshape society and build mass democratic engagement into who and how our cities are made is immense.


Info-Nation will be the second In-Between Economies Friday Bar, and will provide a platform for progressive debate about the future relationship between data, the nation state and the city in the modern digital era. We’ll hear from a panel of experts across different disciplines, working at the forefront of how data is shaping modern city. The conversations will be held in the round so the audience is as much a part of the discussion as possible. The debate will be engaging and lively, while building a collective path forward for all.


  • Nicolay Boyadjiev, GoogleUrbanism (Strelka Institute, The New Normal Programme)
  • Anders Kristian Munk, Aalborg University
  • Rikke Gram-Hansen, Copenhagen Solutions Lab
  • Nicolas Arroyo, Bespoke
  • You - Yes YOU!

Flæsketorvet 10
1711 Copenhagen V