From Sydney to Stockholm, cities across the world are promoted, indexed and experienced on the basis of their ‘liveability’.


LiveabilityMAX will be the first In-Between Economies Friday bar, and will provide a platform for progressive debate about the future of liveability in the modern city using Copenhagen as an example. In order to do so we must provide an independent arena that moves beyond the consensual slow motion panel discussions that dominate our collective thinking (something that increasingly feels obligatory rather than entertaining). Debate must be exciting, engaging and lively, while building a collective path forward for all sides. This is our aim.


Copenhagen is the birthplace of an agenda that has given us a new 'urban utopia' and provided a blue print for cities of the global north from Stockholm to Sydney. It has given rise to experimental architecture that host of internationally acclaimed work. This endeavour for an ever more humanist city must be applauded, but we must acknowledge the context it sits in. Increasingly there is a pay off between public and private realm. Exponential property inflation (afforded by fewer and fewer) is mediated by huge investment in public buildings/space (for use by all) which in turn increases property value further. Moreover, this simple truth undermines the seamless link drawn between a liveable city and a sustainable one, by perpetuating the impossibility of eternal growth.


  • Tina Saaby, Copenhagen Municipality
  • Charles Bessard, Bessards' Studio
  • Rasmus Nielsen, Gode Penge
  • You – Yes YOU!
Flæsketorvet 10
1711 Copenhagen V