Get in touch with your inner creativity through craftsmanship, and transform trashed and leftover materials into new, innovative products. Join the KPH Projects lab with Creature and Incita at Trailerpark I/O.

Get a hands-on experience and dive into circular economy by joining Creature and Incita in building, testing and inventing new multifunctional products with the focus on items you believe could make everyday life just a bit more hassle-free. Bring new life to materials long forgotten in our consumer-focused daily lives.

During the lab you will work with materials such as bicycle frames, bicycle tires, cardboard, circuit boards, computer keyboards, glass bottles, ground coffee, metal strings, optical fibers, plastic casing, wood, wood pallets... and much, much more!

The lab will be kicked off with an introduction to the many materials and a presentation of the Creature and Incita venture. Creature is a social innovation bureau that improves society through business, and is specialised in cooperation processes and facilitation, sustainability, entrepreneurship and social innovation.

Creature has recently joined forces with Incita, a social economic production company who employ citizens with neuro damage and citizens whom, for various other reasons, are on edge of the labour force. Together, the two companies aim to change the way we see materials, and to see opportunities rather than trash.

The lab has room for 25 participants. Everyone is welcome to apply for a seat.

The lab will be co-facilitated by DANSIC.

Note that you can only apply for one lab, as all labs at I/O take place between 10am and 12.30pm.

Trailerpark I/O – a one-day event unfolding the world of art, design and technology

Trailerpark I/O, a one-day event in Copenhagen on July 29, amplifies curiosity, celebrates ideas and showcases what happens when creativity, radical ideas and technology meet. The event exhibits futuristic and visionary ideas, talks by thought-leaders and troublemakers from around the globe, and labs, where people can co-develop ideas with leading experts.

The labs at I/O are all about getting involved, playing around and creating value together. The idea is to gather people and startups around a specific challenge or theme and together with experts and great facilitators try to develop new solutions together. We believe in an arena where the exploratory approach trumps the fear of failing and where collaboration is more important than showing off.

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