On Wednesday, March 9th, expert futurologists are inviting the outside world to SPACE10 in the meatpacking district for a peek into what the future will look like in 2025.

There will be a number of visual activities on the day of the event, designed to bring you on a sensory exploration of the future, with empathy in full swing due to Virtual Reality. This will be conveyed through a visual performance orchestrated by designer Rasmus Vest.

Interaction designer and futurologist, Jonas Rygaard
Get an insight into one of the biggest trends of the connected reality - the need to design, insisting on breaks as well as intimacy within an otherwise pervasive flow of reality. What happens when all the queues are gone - the traffic jams, the line in the supermarket, at the bank or onboard the bus? How, and when, do we spend our days off in 2025 - and how will we design freedom? 

Generation scientist, Tanja Hall
Will give a presentation on Generation Z, as well as introduce four of its young talents. Later on in the evening a DJ will interpret 2025 through music, and there will be soup and Wednesday Bar. 

Fremtidsfabrik creates concepts and campaigns focused on how the people of the future behave and interact. The founders of the company, Tanja Hall, Rasmus Vest and Jonas Rygaard, have all specialized in cocreation, developing Talentfabrik; an association for young talents working with art, culture and technology.

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Flæsketorvet 10
1711 Copenhagen V