One Shared House 2030 + SPACE10

November 2017
6 pm
10 pm
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Communal living has long been seen as a potential solution to issues such as increasing urbanisation, loneliness and high living costs. By 2030, might it be right for you? And if so, what kind of communal living would most suit you?

One Shared House 2030 + SPACE10

With Earth’s population predicted to swell by 1.2 billion by 2030—and with some 70 percent of us expected to be living in cities by then—people may increasingly choose to live together and share household goods and services. But what will communal living look like in 2030? Who is it for—and what does sharing entail? Moreover, how might co-living change society?

To get the conversation started, SPACE10 invites you to the launch of ONE SHARED HOUSE 2030—our playful research project with Anton & Irene. The New York-based duo first explored co-living in their interactive documentary ONE SHARED HOUSE. A sequel to that groundbreaking project, ONE SHARED HOUSE 2030 seeks to discover what kind of shared living people believe would be uniquely suited to them.

At this exclusive SPACE10 event, Anton & Irene will present the ONE SHARED HOUSE 2030 project. Joining them will be a panel of guest speakers. Tickets are limited and will go fast, so make sure you don’t miss out on what promises to be a very special evening.