This Spring we're launching an evolved visual identity and new digital platform for SPACE10. Join us for an evening of talks and small exhibitions where we'll share the thoughts and process behind our design toolkit Space ID and digital framework Space I/O.

In close collaboration with creative studio Barkas, digital design studio Norgram and digital agency Relax, we are the good guys, we are the good guys, we've spent the last few months designing and building a new design toolkit and digital framework for SPACE10. We're eager to share with you the thoughts and process behind, and invite you to join us for an evening of talks and a little exhibition at SPACE10 on Thursday March 30th.

We'll serve a bite to eat in the break, and the bar will of course be open all night 🍻 


About Space ID

At SPACE10 we work with the term ‘visual intelligence’. Simplicity has never been more complex, and understanding the power of visual presentation is crucial when transforming abstract, ambitious projects into simple solutions that everybody can use and relate to. Space ID is a design toolkit used when working with the physical, the digital, and everything in between. It’s an open, fluid and programmatic visual identity that has a basic set of rules to ensure coherence, but above all is flexible and enables participation and creativity.


About Space I/O

Space I/O is our digital framework and a tool for building and designing digital experiences and interfaces in a decentralized way, focusing on user-centric design and co-creation. Through Space I/O, we strive to build a distributed network of spaces and tools that enables us to move quickly, create synergies between projects, and manage both internal processes and external collaborations.

Flæsketorvet 10
1711 Copenhagen V