An evening of talks and discussions on the art of data visualizations and turning data into experiences

Data visualization has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Many tools & services nowadays include some kind of data visualization which gives you insight in usage, the best possible way to travel, the best product offering, etc. Data visualization seems to be a powerful solution for summarizing information in a world where the amount of information targeted towards us is increasing every day. But is this the holy grail for processing information? What new possibilities does visualizing data provide us? What is the best possible way to present and interact with these data visualizations?


After graduating from the University of the Arts Utrecht, Gert founded, together with his classmate Thomas Clever, CLEVER°FRANKE. Gert is responsible for concept design and creative direction, public relations and the continuous innovation of the CLEVER°FRANKE organisation itself. CLEVER°FRANKE was founded in 2008. With a team of 20 employees they create data driven solutions for progressive clients such as Google, HERE, Cisco and WIRED magazine. By combining strategy, design and technology CLEVER°FRANKE helps the client and public discover and understand the world, resulting in solutions that impact organizations in society.


Starting up and organizing creative concepts related to visual culture (graphic design, digital arts and photography) is what Dennis Elbers loves most. These concepts explore the impact of visual culture on society by bringing together creators and audience in experiences and dialogues. Since 2006 he has worked on a great variety of self initiated projects. Always in intense collaboration with young designers and artists. Since 2012 he’s been writing and talking about his observations, which have been published in design media like 360°, Dee magazine, Etapes:, Dude and

While you’re at SPACE10, don’t miss our accompanying exhibition EVERYDA(Y)TA - exploring the creative possibilities in data visualisations and how they can change our perception of daily life. Plus on the 9th February we’re running a one-day workshop investigating visual responsibility in information design.

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