A dialogue with Tomas Diez and James Tooze on how we produce and consume things in a future landscape of distributed manufacturing.

We are living in at time of great change; the digital revolution is reshaping how we interact with each other, how goods are bought and sold, how products are designed and manufactured and what gets produced and who gets to be involved. Together these are impacting on society, business and the place we live.

We are also living at a time where the true consequences of consumer abundance are becoming apparent. We have new tools at our disposal to shape the world around us and a newfound obligation to mitigate the consequences of mass production and consumption.

SPACE10 is hosting a conversation with two advocates for a shift in the way we consume and produce the things we want and need. Tomas Diez and James Tooze promote a model where cities and citizens need to enable local matching of demand and supply and allow for more transparency and circularity in resource flows. They will be sharing their vision on how retail is shifting in this context, the role that retailers can play in the transition to new “digital” and “circular” economies, and exploring new concepts of production and consumption in the near future.

We’ve joined forces with the Exploring Emergent Futures Platform at the Royal College of Art, London and challenged a selection of Design Products students to develop a common framework that illustrates a future retail experience for Mass Distribution. On the same night, RCA students will be showcasing their projects at SPACE10.

Speakers Bios

James Tooze is a Senior Tutor on the Design Products programme at the Royal College of Art, London. At the RCA he is currently leading funded research into the role of open workshops in the redistribution of manufacturing. His research covers open design, open fabrication and the transition to more sustainable production. He has a background as a cabinet maker, furniture designer and store designer, and continues to practice with a recent collaboration with Opendesk and installation for the British Council’s Maker Library Network.

Tomas Diez is a Venezuelan-born urbanist, who specialises in digital fabrication and its implications on future cities. He is co-founder of the Smart Citizen project, Fablabs.io and StudioP52 in Barcelona, and director of Fab City Research Lab at IAAC, and leader of the Fab City global initiative, in collaboration with MIT’s CBA and Fab Foundation. He is developing a new framework for cities to engage with digital fabrication and distributed production as urban development tools, to create positive social, economic and environmental impacts in society. He is a tutor in Design Products at the RCA, and faculty at IAAC.


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