The guys behind Technology Will Save Us understand the importance of technology in our modern world – they also recognize its benefits: it crosses boundaries of geography, gender, class and sexuality. However, most of us are unaware of how our favorite objects actually work and how to fix and hack them. Sounds like you? Well, make sure to join the Technology Will Save Us talk and get a fresh perspective on the way technology works.

Daniel Hirschmann, one of the two founders of Technology Will Save Us will present their innovative, fun solutions at SPACE10. The company specializes in creative DIY kits – including Electro-Dough, DIY Speakers, a Thirsty Plant Kit and a Lumiphone Kit, which teaches you how to solder metals. 

The two also host creative workshops, which allow makers to work in community. Participants are encouraged to take things apart, learn how they work and re-purpose or reprogram the items to make their functions more applicable to the individual’s needs.

As part of the Fresh Living Lab, we’re delighted to welcome Technology Will Save Us to SPACE10. They will hold a talk and introduce a small workshop where all os us will try to build our own little Thirsty Plant device.

Flæsketorvet 10
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