An active exploration into current trends within architecture and urbanism with focus on how to approach the future development of cities and society.

Together with Copenhagen Architecture Festival, SPACE10 have curated a program of talks, film screenings, workshops and events all focused on the future perspectives and prospects of architecture and the cities we live in.

This program looks at the importance of social engagement within urban and architectural projects. We will discuss the prospect of how the existing fabric of a city can be used as a resource, one that can be rejuvenated and repurposed as opposed to demolished in order to ‘start again’. Partly looking to the past, we present projects that learn from the social housing strategies of the 60’s, their successes and failures and most importantly how to utilise this architectural framework to give them value once again. The program also encourages the generation of new ideas, how to create liveable cities which engage and shape the lives of the residents that live within, how to grow your own food, bringing the farm to the city and how technology is expanding our capabilities to design the architecture of the future.

SPACE10 will be transformed into a 1:1 explorative exhibition entitled:

Never demolish! Transformation of 530 dwellings by Lacation & Vassal, Druot, Hutin.

The exhibition presents the rejuvenation of 530 dwellings situated within a 1960s social housing block in Bordeaux, a new project by LACATON & VASSAL, in collaboration with Fréderic Druot and Christophe Hutin architects. Curated by RUBY Press with photographs by Philippe Ruault, the project is presented as a configuration of life size images from the apartments giving the visitor the feeling of what it is like to live inside the transformed space. Through this project the exhibition aims to discuss the potentials, values and challenges that social housing brings.

The French office Lacaton & Vassal in collaboration with Frederic Druot and Christophe Hutin have managed to successfully remodel the social housing in a sustainable and economic way representing the possibilities of how we can build responsible housing for the future.

The exhibition is open:

Weekdays: 12.00- 18.00

Weekend: 12.00-17.00

Join the opening evening here.

See the full program of talks, screenings, tastings and debates here.

Flæsketorvet 10
1711 Copenhagen V