A taste of the future with Refarmed - Edible cities, Meyers Madhus and The Farm

Come try the future of food with a lunch prepared by The Farm’s food designer in residence, Simon Perez, and Martin Marko Hansen from Meyers Madhus. The lunch will follow the explorations of SPACE10’s lab, The Farm, about alternatives for producing and distributing food in urban environments.

The lunch will be followed by a talk on edible cities by Refarmed - Edible Cities, a studio developing building integrated agri- and aquaculture.

By integrating vegetables and fish production into buildings we can save space, rental costs and increase building value while producing hyperlocal and daily fresh produce year round. Their current project aims to transform the roof of Fields Shopping Center into a high- tech incubator and organic farm, harnessing the waste energy that the building releases. 

The event is free but don't forget to reserve a spot. There’s only 20 spots and it’s first comes first serve.


About SPACE10 + CAFx

Together with CAFx, SPACE10 have curated a 10 day program which acts as an active exploration into current trends within architecture and urbanism with focus on how to approach the future development of cities and society.

This program looks at the importance of social engagement within urban and architectural projects. We will discuss the prospect of how the existing fabric of a city can be used as a resource, the importance of community engagement and how to create liveable cities with response to food, technology and ideas of sustainability.

See the full program of talks, screenings, tastings and debates here


About Refarmed - Edible cities

Buildings consume large amounts of energy. They emit heat, CO2, sewage and produces waste. Refarmed develop economically and environmentally sustainable solutions for recycling of buildings’ excess resources.

The concept is simple: They are developing low impact building-integrated food productions that utilize the surplus energy buildings already produce. The result is: Visible CSR and reducing energy consumption and environmental taxes for both the farm and the main building. The foods are marketed locally.


About The Farm 

The Farm is a SPACE10 lab where we explore sustainable alternatives for producing and distributing food in urban environments. Sign up to the The Farm newsletter and receive a monthly briefing with a curated selection of articles and videos as well as updates from the lab.


About Simon Perez

Simon Perez is the food designer behind Tomorrow’s Meatball, an experienced chef in the Copenhagen food scene and have recently joined us for a 6 months residency. At SPACE10 his work focuses in(on) innovation and ethics. This implies caring about the environment as a working principle as well as a strong emphasis on the visual presentation and consistency in flavour, textures and comfort.


About Meyers Madhus 

In Meyers Madhus (Meyers House of Food) food lovers of all ages have the opportunity to learn how to bake the most wonderful breads and cakes, be explore the adventurous Nordic Cuisine and become familiar with the world's greatest cuisines.

They advise both public and private organisations on projects concerning development of Danish food culture, creating healthy businesses and fostering social change - all with food and the great meal as the focal point. Among many things they offer gastronomic consulting and improvement, development of recipes, production of cookbooks from idea to the finished product, and participate as a partner in several research and development projects.

Flæsketorvet 10
1711 Copenhagen V