Join us for the launch of the new issue of Funambulist - a magazine dedicated to examine the politics of space and bodies. Plus Editor-in-Chief and architect Léopold Lambert will do a talk on urban politics and planning.

The Funambulist critically engages with some of the most pressing issues, focusing on the political relationships between bodies and the built environment.

Their tenth issue, released at SPACE10, contends with the role of architecture in colonialism, understood here not as a “delimited period” but rather as a “continuous process” and “system of domination”. Léopold Lambert discussed the idea of cultural system domination and how architecture is not (only) an aesthetic vessel, but an apparatus organizing and hierarchizing bodies in space.


The event is free but you have to reserve your seat


About SPACE10 + CAF

Together with CAFx, SPACE10 have curated a 10 day program which acts as an active exploration into current trends within architecture and urbanism with focus on how to approach the future development of cities and society.

This program looks at the importance of social engagement within urban and architectural projects. We will discuss the prospect of how the existing fabric of a city can be used as a resource, the importance of community engagement and how to create liveable cities with response to food, technology and ideas of sustainability.

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