Film screening and talk on user-driven initiatives by ONE ARCHITECTURE WEEK. The evening discusses the importance of meeting and exchanging ideas in the field of architecture, interiors, landscape and urban environment.

The Director of ONE ARCHITECTURE WEEK, Ina Valkova will talk about the festival and its user-driven initiatives.

Each year, ONE ARCHITECTURE WEEK presents the trends in modern architecture with a focus on a specific topic and a new curatorial team.

In 2016 the title was ‘ACTION’ - WHY (&HOW) WE MUST INVOLVE CITIZENS. Ina Valkova will give a talk on this concept using transformations in Bulgarian Modernist neighbourhoods as a case study. This will focus on the experience of integrating One Architecture Week festival (Plovdiv) into the life of the residents’ of the modernist housing estate and the effects it has generated.

After the talk, Austrian architect and photographer Zara Pfeifer will introduce and press play on her short film ‘Du meine Konkrete Utopia’ (2016). The film looks at the flourishing associations and activities among the residents of the brutalist apartment block Alterlaa in Vienna, which houses a bridge club, a theatre club, model building club and a shooting club.


The event is free but don't forget to reserve a spot 


About SPACE10 + CAFx

Together with CAFx, SPACE10 have curated a 10 day program which acts as an active exploration into current trends within architecture and urbanism with focus on how to approach the future development of cities and society.

This program looks at the importance of social engagement within urban and architectural projects. We will discuss the prospect of how the existing fabric of a city can be used as a resource, the importance of community engagement and how to create liveable cities with response to food, technology and ideas of sustainability.

See the full program of talks, screenings, tastings and debates here

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