A residency exhibition in the afternoon, followed by an evening of discovery and inspiration at the intersection between digital fabrication and classical craft. Created and hosted by SPACE10 architects in residence Emil Froege, Yuan Chieh Yang and Benas Burdulis.

Today more and more of architecture and design are thought out in front of the computer, drawn in the computer, and produced by robots.

What do we gain and what do we lose in that process?

Over time, machines and technology have allowed for scale and efficiency. It has also weakened the connection between material and design, and the role of classical craftsmanship in our society. But what if, as digital fabrication emerges and spreads, newfound precision and techniques could be used to reproduce and even enhance the art of classical craft?

Architects Emil Froege, Yuan Chieh Yang and Benas Burdulis are exploring the intersection between classical and digital, always looking for a digitally-fabricated architecture that relates more closely to nature. From Japanese joinery to metal forcing they’ve been pushing the boundaries of CNC machining during their residency at SPACE10.

We’re opening the doors for them to present their final installation, and for others trailblazers to share thoughts and examples of how digital fabrication can enhance classical craft.


Flæsketorvet 10
1711 Copenhagen V