Tomorrow's Meatball focuses on alternative ingredients, technological innovations and uncharted gastronomic territories. Join us and learn about the many ways we will prep our beloved meatballs in the near future.

Today more than half of the world already lives in urban areas; a proportion that is expected to increase to nearly 70% of the world’s population by 2050. Several emerging (and existing) health challenges are and will continue to reduce the quality of life and well being of urban residents and communities. Humanity’s biggest challenge: global food security. World food demand will increase 70% by 2050. Rising incomes and growth in the global population will drive food prices higher by 40-50% in the next 35 years. Climate change is having a domino effect on food and nutritional security for the world's poorest and most vulnerable people.

As population grows and climate change cuts into the water and land that's available for farming, we need to make more with less. We will need to get smarter and more efficient about the way we make food. Join Tomorrow’s Meatball event and learn about the latest innovations in food land.


Jonas Astrup, Nordic Food Lab

Jonas is a Product Development Manager at Nodic Food Lab in Denmark. Nordic Food Lab is a non-profit, open-source organisation that investigates food diversity and deliciousness. Established in 2008, they combine scientific and humanistic approaches with culinary techniques from around the world to explore the edible potential of the Nordic region – the flavours that say something about us and imbue the foods we eat with a connection to this place and this time. They work to broaden their taste, generating and adapting practical ideas and methods for those who make food and those who enjoy eating.

Bas van de Poel

Bas is a freelance creative copywriter making waves in popular culture with highly shareable ideas. During a one-month residency at Space10, Bas focused on exploring, designing and prototyping concepts for smarter and more sustainable ways of living. Bas’ work has been acknowledged by everything from The Huffington Post, Wired and Fast Company to Vice, and many others. He will present Tomorrow's Meatball, a visual exploration of future foods.


The roof farm ØsterGRO founded by Livia, Kristian and Sofie, who met during the construction of Ottilias Garden - a community garden, which back in 2013 started at Carlsberg. ØsterGRO is Denmark's first urban agriculture on the roof of an old car auction house, Nelleman house, on Æbeløgade 4 in the Copenhagen Climate Neighbourhood in Østerbro, Copenhagen. The farm is a local and open urban agriculture, which sells vegetables, eggs and honey to the Association's CSA members, and is also where the city residents can follow the organic production of food when ØsterGRO arranges guided tours, lectures, workshops, courses, farmers markets and dinners. Sales of food is happening via a CSA model, Community Supported Agriculture, which directly connects farmers and consumers.

Nina Askov, Buglady

Nina is studying a Bachelor degree in Nutrition and Health with a specialisation in Management, Food, and Service. Previous experience includes working as a chef for many years, where Nina has developed a variety of different recipes. With these skills combined, Nina aims to inform and inspire people to include insects as part of their nutrition, due to its many good reasons, and the fact that most of the world’s population is already doing it.


For many years it has been known that microalgae are a natural source of all the needed protein, vitamins, minerals and oils. However due to the taste it has not been consumed by the mass market. 1meal has solved this with two Michelin chefs Francis Cardenau and Mikkel Maarberg. We are offering an instant meal based on microalgae, which is high in proteins and vitamins. 1meal is a powder that can be mixed with water as a hot or cold drink and eaten alone. Onemeal is healthy sustainable and tasty. It is gluten-free and the ingredients do not interfere with religious, political or dietary beliefs.

Sweet Sneak

Sweet Sneak lives through the hearts and hands of five young women based in Copenhagen. The conviction of creating culinary experiences to bring people together has been engraved in their minds ever since they started their Sweet Sneak pop-up bakery in 2012 – and building the foundation for what Sweet Sneak Studio is striving for today. Sweet Sneak Studio believe that authenticity and aesthetics are invaluable to create memorable experiences. They see food as a compelling tool to elicit these. Most importantly, Sweet Sneak Studio is about: spreading happiness.

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