As part of our future of work exploration What Works, we invite you to join chatbot startup Sure in building your very own bot. During the lab, we’ll look into the current state of personal chatbots and explore what it takes to actually design and build one.

Chatbots emerged a few years ago as an easier and more fun way for customers to deal with simple tasks. But since then much has happened. Today we’re seeing AI powered chatbots and personal assistants with human-like traits that can relieve us from some of the basic (and boring) stuff we spend so much time on during our workdays – eg. scheduling meetings via email. and are two examples of startups that have created AI powered personal assistants that help with meeting scheduling via email. These assistants, both provided with human names, know when you’re available, when you’re not, when and where you prefer to meet, and are getting so good that they’re easily mistaken for real humans.

We’re also seeing more personal chatbots arising, created to represent public figures and designed with the features and characteristics of their “hosts”. Selena Gomez’ bot is nice, soft and helpful, while Elon Musk’s bot is a sarcastic badass, a lot like the man himself. Even Eric Cartman has his own bot, provided with a super sharp style of conversing, lots of swearing, and hilarious South Park references.

This got us thinking – what if you could design your own personal bot to represent you in a professional context? Which of your trades would you give it? And, most importantly, when would you have the bot represent you, and when would you rather have you represent you?

During this lab we’ll discuss these questions and, lead by Sure, create the framework for our very own personal bots, that can share our personalities (if we want them to) and represent us in the digital landscape.

The lab has room for 15 participants. Everyone is welcome to apply for a seat.


Sure is a personal messaging service for discovering food and drink. The world’s best restaurants, bars and cafés curated by humans like you and discoverable via conversational search.

What Works

While we have the main event in Copenhagen; a number of satellite events will explore the same theme in cities like London, Hongkong, Tokyo, Budapest, Berlin, Lisbon and Blumenau where our event will be live streamed

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