As part of our future of work exploration What Works, we invite you to join coworking network Coworkies on an interactive journey to the workspaces of tomorrow. Explore the evolution of different types of working environments, rewinding and fast-forwarding about 10 years… or more.

We live in an ever-changing world that affects how we live and work. During the last decade, workplaces have evolved to be more collaborative, innovative and interconnected spaces through which people encounter new ways of interacting, while at the same time growing as both individuals and professionals.

How do these spaces differ from company offices? How do they foster collaboration? And how might coworking evolve in the near and far future?

During the lab, we’ll seek to answer these questions, explore the workplaces of today and tomorrow, and look into the impact that technology will have on them. We’ll also create new work environments and discuss open questions that are arising around the topic.

The lab has room for 15 participants. Everyone is welcome to apply for a seat.

About Coworkies:

Coworkies is an online platform connecting people between coworking spaces. In 2016, the team behind Coworkies visited 106 coworking places across eleven cities. Coworkies explores the future of work by meeting the different actors and leaders involved.

About What Works: 

What Works is a two-day exploration of ideas, talks and experiences hosted by SPACE10 and Startup Everywhere. We’ll explore how creative work will take place in the future by questioning and investigating trends and evolving dynamics that might change the way we live and work.

While we have the main event in Copenhagen; a number of satellite events will explore the same theme in cities like London, Hongkong, Tokyo, Budapest, Berlin, Lisbon and Blumenau where our event will be live streamed.

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