Conversational Form: Turning the Web into Conversations

November 28th
1 min read

The Conversational Form is an intelligent new way of turning the most common interface we encounter online today—the web form—into a conversation. In other words, by adding a few lines of extra code, web developers and designers can enable people to use websites in a more natural and relatable way.

Conversational Form: Turning the Web into Conversations

Imagine going online to make a restaurant reservation, say, or to book a flight. Now imagine that instead of typing into the text boxes on the screen, you’re able to provide all the right information using a chatbot or—even more naturally—by saying your answers aloud.

We believe that conversational interfaces such as this will be game-changing. In particular, they could help people who remain excluded from technology—such as the 300 million people who are visually impaired, the 800 million who can’t read or write, and the billions aren’t tech savvy.

To help democratise this emerging field, we launched the Conversational Form as a free, open-source framework—first as a chat-based interface, then as a voice-based one.

Now we’re exploring how to incorporate natural language processing—in other words, to allow the computer not only to hear what the user says but also to understand what they mean.