Open Call

The SPACE10 Residency program is a platform for promising as well as seasoned talent from diverse disciplines to explore their practice through creative collaboration and loosely framed briefs.

We invite people with bold, visionary ideas to SPACE10 and support them in transforming their visions into engaging concepts that can travel the world.

Our residents come from a range of backgrounds and join us for a fixed period of time to work on the global challenges we’ve identified while providing our team with new perspectives.


As a resident you will get full access to SPACE10, our in-house facilities, fabrication and digital tools, technology, Program and Journal channels, and physical and digital interface with our community.


Magic Leap One

Oculus Quest + Rift

Microsoft HoloLens

Google Daydream

Amazon Alexa

Google Home

HTC Vive

Looking Glass display


Leap Motion


Muse headband

Canon DSLR + lenses

GoPro 5 & 4


Full bed CNC

3D printers

Laser cutter

Mig welder

Metal lathe

Vacuum former

Vacuum chamber

Soldering station

Casting and mold making station

Table saw

Band saw

Table router

Belt sander


Chop saw

Drill press

Wood lathe

Hand tools

Brief & Deliverables

All the briefs will be rooted in one of our identified opportunities. We are looking for talents with a hands-on approach to working with these briefs.

You are free to answer the briefs in whichever way you prefer. You can submit everything from a sketch, painting, video, microsite, design or algorithm etc. We encourage you to use your creative practice to show us how you would work with the given subject.

Final deliverables:

  • Proposal must be explained in a 10-slide PDF presentation
  • A maximum 3-minute video (.mp4 format) of you introducing yourself, your values and your motivation for the residency

The answer to the brief will serve as the foundation for your residency. The concrete objective and deliverables of your residency will be defined in collaboration with SPACE10 and you prior to your stay.

Augmented Intelligence

With Augmented Intelligence, we explore how we can interact with technology in more natural and intuitive ways, resulting in applications that complement everyday human behaviour. What will happen when almost everyone and everything on the planet is digitally connected? What will it mean when artificial intelligence can sense and learn from the world around us? And how can we use design to create a better experience around data to improve our everyday lives?


In time we could be switching our phones for a pair of AR glasses.That means we’re once more heading for a change in the way we interact with and understand computers. AR, voice, gestures, haptics, AI, etc are all to some extent likely to be components of an extended reality (XR) interaction paradigm to accompany such a movement.


How would you envision and exemplify the next computer interaction paradigm? And how do you ensure the interaction becomes more human and humane?

Solar Energy

Today, more than 1.1 billion people have little or no access to electricity. The remaining 6.3 billion consume — for the most part — unsustainable energy. Access to clean electricity dramatically improves people’s safety, health and education, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. But consider that 59 percent of homeowners perceive installing a home solar energy system as a daunting and complex operation. And that’s just one example.


Most people don’t understand what a kilowatt hour is and how they are billed for electricity, much less about the benefits and savings that come with switching to solar power.


What solutions do you envision should be provided to the many people that are both easy and affordable, in order to enable them to go solar?

Open Fabrication

Open Fabrication is where we explore distributed manufacturing and alternative methods for designing and building spaces in a digital age. What if we could design a system for open-source architecture—one that’s highly adaptive to local needs, environments and availability of materials? What if we could empower people to drive social change and build self-sufficient communities? What if we could provide the necessary tools and spaces to enable upcoming local economies to flourish?


In the infinite space of possibility that generative design offers, what constitutes great design? How can we build iconic design whilst enabling people to make it their own?


How would you envision the next piece of iconic design—defined not by lines and curves but by parameters and algorithms?

Shared Living

Within Shared Living, we explore new ways of designing living spaces in order to tackle common problems that many experiences in our new urban realities—including loneliness and the increasing lack of affordable housing.

What if we could reimagine the way we live, work and dwell in our cities? What if we could unlock more room in dense urban areas by rethinking how we design, reuse and share the spaces that exist today and those we build for tomorrow?

What happens to the concept of space—and of sharing—when we are constantly on the move or ever-present in the digital realm? And what happens when we design for more supportive and adaptive communities to help us lead more efficient and happier lives?


As a result of living closer and closer together in our cities, we see mental health issues such as depression and loneliness rising like never before.


What changes need to be made in order to ensure better mental health in our cities? And how do you envision these changes being implemented?

Open Brief

In your opinion, what is one thing SPACE10 is not looking into at the moment that would enable better and sustainable ways of living?


  • A monthly stipend
  • Transport
  • Budget to cover accommodation
  • Daily lunch
  • Materials


  • 26th July: Application deadline
  • 5th – 8th August: Interviews
  • Fall: Residency starts

Questions? Reach out to

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to answer all the briefs?

No. Choose one brief for your PDF presentation.

How long is the residency?

The residency can be between 1 and 4 months, this will be determined by you and SPACE10.

Can I apply as a team?

Yes. Just make it clear in the deliverables that you are applying as a team, and submit one person’s contact information on the application platform. The stipend will be split between the team.

Is an education required to apply?

No, you don’t need an education to apply. Though graduates and undergraduates are still welcome to apply.

Can I apply as a student?


Who will work with me during my stay?

During your stay, you will have access to the whole SPACE10 team. You will have a mentor attached to your project, as well as the possibility to be mentored in different skills relevant to you and your project. Your interaction will therefore differ depending on who you are and what your project will be.

Can I apply from abroad?

Yes. Interviews can be conducted remotely.

Can I work from abroad?

No, you will need to work in the SPACE10 office in Copenhagen during your residency.

What will SPACE10 Cover?

A monthly stipend, transportation, budget to cover accommodation, daily lunch and materials.

Is the residency an internship?

The residency is not an internship, SPACE10 do not offer internships out of the principles we pay all our collaborators and see residents as a key arm of our network with whom we offer a competitive stipend to.

Who is responsible for getting work permits and visa?

You will be expected to apply for your visa. SPACE10 will support you and fill out all the information needed from our side. You need to apply for an internship visa, allowing you to legally work and stay in Denmark.

When is the deadline?

We close the application forum on July 26th 2019 11:59 pm.