SPACE10 Open Sources the Growroom

February 17th
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The Growroom is a spherical urban farm that enables people to grow their own food right on their doorstep. We have open sourced the design meaning anyone can download the cutting files and produce their own grow room locally.

SPACE10 Open Sources the Growroom

Download the photos, instructions and the manual here. The photographers name can be found in the filename

SPACE10 teamed up with architects Sine Lindholm and Mads-Ulrik Husum to explore food producing architecture and how we inspire people to grow their own food much more locally in a beautiful and sustainable way.

The first version of The Growroom was presented at the art and architecture festival CHART in Copenhagen 2016 and that sparked excitement from Taipei to Helsinki and from Rio de Janeiro to San Francisco. People requested to either buy or exhibit the The Growroom, but SPACE10 didn’t feel it made sense to promote local food production and then start shipping The Growroom across oceans and continents.

SPACE10 therefor open sourced the design to enable people to build it locally. All you need to get your own grow room is two rubber hammers, 17 sheets of ply wood and a visit to your local maker space. This resulted in The Growroom popping up in cities across the world.

An alternative to the global food model

SPACE10 envision a future, where we grow our own food much more locally.

We hope to see the growroom appear in every city in the world. We believes that local food production represents a serious alternative to the global food model. Local food reduces food miles, our pressure on the environment, and educates our children of where food actually comes from. The result on the dining table is just as fascinating. We could introduce new culinary standards around nutrients, flavours, freshness and produce food of the highest quality that tastes better and is much more healthy. The growroom is only a tiny answer to how we transform our current food production system, but the question is also an incredible huge.

Designed for cities

The Growroom is designed for cities. Traditional farming take up a lot of space, but The Growroom has a small spatial footprint as you grow vertically.

The Growroom seek to support our everyday sense of well being in the cities by creating a small oasis or ‘pause’-architecture in our high paced societal scenery, and enables people to connect with nature as we smell and taste the abundance of herbs and plants. The pavilion, built as a sphere, is able to stand freely in any context and points in a direction of expanding contemporary and shared architecture.

The overlapping slices ensure that water and light can reach the vegetation on each level, without reaching the visitor within and thereby functions as a growth activator for the vegetation and shelter for the visitor.

The design have made assembly simple and intuitive to handle and the Growroom is produced from only one material making it accessible and affordable for most communities.

Quotes by architect Sine Lindholm:

On the basis of a spatial experimentation with the Urban Farming concept, we strive towards creating architecture where atmosphere and sensusioussnes acts as the primary design factors, to generate poetic spaces with a sense of tranquility

The Growroom expands the opportunities of use-, sensuous- and visual-potentials of the urban farming ideology, by making it spatial and including as a part of the floating cityscape and by inviting the visitor into an intimate world where only the visitor and vegetation co-exist – for a moment

Exploring local and on-demand production

With The Growroom, SPACE10 also explores the potential of digital fabrication, that has made state-of-the-art factory tools accessible for ordinary people. A new generation of technologies such as 3D printing, laser cutting and CNC milling is becoming available to the public in fab labs and maker spaces in any major city in the world.

This mean most people — in theory — could produce almost anything themselves. Just as printers are now ubiquitous; local and on-demand, customised production could become the norm of the future.

SPACE10 is tapping into this emerging potential by releasing the cutting files for The Growroom and enable people to start producing locally.


  • The project was nominated for a Danish Design Award 2017 in the categories: ‘Visionary Concepts’ and ‘Feel Good’
  • The project was exhibited at Milan Design Week 2017 – The salone del mobile – the annual international furniture exhibition
  • The Growroom has been built in cities around the world

Additional info:

Photos and instructions

Hi res photos, the manual and design files can be found here. The photographers name can be found in the filename

The Growroom is designed by:

Sine Lindholm, Mads-Ulrik Husum & SPACE10

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